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Virtual Equity Toolkit 2.0

The Virtual Equity Toolkit (VET) 2.0 is a dynamic compilation of equity resources brought to you by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Office of Health Equity (OHE), Regional Equity Technical Assistance (TA) Team. This version of the toolkit is an update to the original VET 1.0, which can be found in the Equity Portal. The intended audience for this toolkit is local health jurisdiction equity leads and colleagues who are tasked at building equity infrastructure throughout their jurisdiction. The resources are divided into 12 competencies as defined in CDPH's Organizational Assessment for Equity Infrastructure . The VET complements the assessment examples and helps work through the domains of interest.

This interactive web version of the toolkit is meant to be more user-friendly with multiple ways of filtering through the hundreds of equity resources compiled based on competency, development level, or resource type. There is also an advanced search feature where you can apply multiple filters at the same time and/or search for key words of interest.

There are instances where adequate resources were not found for each phase of each competency. But it does not mean that it does not exist nor that it will be excluded from a future iteration.

These resources come from many different sources that are doing amazing equity work. The toolkit is by no means exhaustive and will continue to evolve and be updated as resources and needs change.

We want to thank the Local Health Jurisdictions for submitting spotlights, reviewing, and being dedicated to equity!