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Additional Databases and Glossaries

Additional Databases and Glossaries

Additional Databases

The following databases are the sources for many of our select material throughout the VET and contain many more equity resources with a focus beyond the twelve competencies.

Resource Databases

Training Databases

Select Health Equity Glossaries

As health equity work becomes more prevalent in our field, a glossary of health equity terms is an asset for anyone who wants to advance their internal and external communication and collaboration.

We are highlighting two glossaries that we find useful for different reasons (there are many wonderful existing glossaries). The first glossary by the CDC''s National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) is a quick and practical read composed of 17 health equity terms. The second is a comprehensive guide by the American Medical Association and Association of American Medical Colleges Center for Health Justice that starts with the importance of using language and narrative with an equity lens and ends with an A-Z glossary of health equity terms and concepts.

We encourage you to choose, adopt, and share the definitions that resonate the most with you, your local health department, and the community. We also hope that the terms in the glossaries below can help understand the resources in this toolkit.

  1. NCCDPHP Health Equity Glossary
  2. Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language Narrative and Concepts

Examples to develop your own glossary