"Data Equity Principles by the Central California Public Health Consortium" April Office Hours
Published Date: April 16, 2024
The Central California Public Health Consortium (CCPHC) presented on the Data Equity Principles, a tool developed by CCPHC to help cement the relationship between equity and data by creating regional equity principles that can guide data practices. The four principles include: Principle #1 – Center shared community ownership and governance of data. Principle #2 – Be intentional and, through continuous learning and community engagement, allow for cultural and regional modifications. Principle #3 – Include equity-based processes that name and acknowledge systemic, racial, cultural, social, and economic factors that affect individual health outcomes and communities’ abilities to thrive. Principle #4 – Be transparent and include mechanisms for accountability. The views of Speakers belong solely to them and are not endorsed by CDPH or reflective of CDPH views.
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